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High Cleansing, Low Moisturizing Cold Process Soap

I find that some people do not like moisturizing soap and the feel of all of the oil stripped from their skin is desirable so I am going to try and make a very cleansing, low moisturizing, low superfat soap with primarily Lard and Coconut oil. This recipe has a 3% superfat. I used chrome green oxide, titanium dioxide and gold mica for colorant.


327.4 grams of lard

496.1 grams coconut oil

99.2 grams castor oil

327.4 grams water

154.8 grams NaOH






Shaving Soap

I used a lot of rice bran oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter in this recipe and bentonite clay. The clay adds some slip to this soap as well as changing the texture of the bubbles to be dense and foamy. Because of the clay the batter set up faster than I was prepared for, I didn’t have a chance to flatten out the tops before they were solid but these are just for family so it doesn’t matter much.