Refreshing Prickly Pear Summer Drink

1 part prickly pear puree, strained

1 part orange juice, unpasturized

1 part pineapple juice

1 shot coconut rum(optional)



Summer Drinks

Summer Cocktails 2016

My Vacation Adventures with Tanqueray(aka “I Measure Nothing!”)




Spring Cooking Gallery

I haven’t had much time in front of a computer lately but I’ve still been doing tons of projects, everything from chocolate kahlua cake, chicken curry, sweet potato flat bread, tortillas, and lemon rosemary sorbet, roast chickens, fish &chips and vanilla custard ice cream, pork ribs and mixed nut butter cookies. I’ve been busy.. I just haven’t grabbed the camera lately.


Sandalwood Soap/ Tropical Jasmine Soap

This is my basic cold process coconut milk recipe. Coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, avocado oil, castor oil. Then mix the sodium hydroxide with coconut milk.

I split the batch and used some round molds and a new half loaf mold. My sandalwood colorants we’re gold mica and cocoa powder and used the half loaf for that.

The Tropical Jasmine I left plain.. because I have soaped with it before and I knew it was going to rice and need extra blending.. then would harden as soon as it stopped being stired. I love this scent in soap but it’s solid before I can get to tapping out air bubbles. I quickly glopped this stuff into round molds.


I also have a post about Sandalwood Lotion here.