Calendula Petal Soap

With Mango Butter ūüėÄ

I forgot to add the Lemongrass so it is unscented.

Also used turmeric as a colorant.



Sea Foam Soap

Third batch of soap down, I’m at 28 bars curing and three recipes in the works, enough supplies for one more¬†loaf right now. I’ll have to make choices but I am leaning towards¬†Lemongrass,¬†Turmeric & Calendula next.



Rose Soap and Tea Tree Kaolin Clay Cold Process Soap

Leave it to me to use a difficult sample scent for my first batch of cold process soap. Here is my rose scented soap. It was going to have some red swirls but there was no time. I also was learning how big of a recipe I needed for the mold I have. Recipe was a little small, not so pretty but it smells nice.


For my second batch things went a little more like I had planned. I ended up with the correct amount, the color, look and scent that I wanted and only a bit of soda ash to clean up. I was able to do the design I wanted.